Start where you want to finish, a headshot should present your character and be complimentary.

Corporate headshots are very different in style  from acting, but the result is the same, to look your best.

I aim for personality and character over glamour, heavy glamour looks dated and is not an honest appraisal of what  most clients need.  The images should always be appropriate to the usage.

Typically I shoot a range of images from very tight face shots to casual playful shots.

The reason for this is increasingly casting agents and recruitment images are more lifestyle and editorial a staged studio image. So I shoot with natural light on the street, café and park.

What to bring


Be yourself

Be confident

What to wear

Men and women

Block colours such as white blue especially shirts blouse tops. Particularly colours that suit your skin tone.

Wear colours and garments you like and that you think suit you, and that are appropriate to the usage of the images.

What to avoid for Men and Women

Large branded garments.

Complex patterns or  busy designs.

White shirts need to be matted with a tie or scarf, so subtle accents of colour work well with in this regard.

A couple of your favourite playlists on your iPod music device.

Bring a few jackets shirts colours, collared and causal if a relaxed informal image is required.

If an at ease shot is needed a Polo style shirt with more bold colours is excellent.


Two to three shirts

One to two jackets

Several of your favourite ties.

Casual shirts, heavily styled and patterned garments date an image quickly so be aware of what you wear.

If needed a polo shirt in more bold colours.


Two to three business shirts blouses and jackets blazer to match.

Feel free to wear more bold colours if it suits your personality and workplace, such as red orange and royal blue.

A variety of necklines shirts and garments that compliment your look and face.

You can wear spaghetti strapped tops, if so bring a range of bras to suit your tops, white skin coloured etc so they do not show through.

In general, avoid darker and vibrant greens and complex patterns and animal prints.

Subtle floral patterns and tints are very pretty.

For business shots, avoid bold or bulky jewellery.